Values, Vision and Mission

Movelle Primary School places every student in the centre of all our work. We provide a positive, caring and engaging environment, where all students are able to maximise academic, emotional and social growth. We value respect, responsibility, resilience and relationships.


Our focus on academic learning is strong and our emphasis on catering for each individual is paramount. We provide a learning environment where human rights are respected, protected and promoted. We embrace inclusion in all aspects of school life and respond to the unique learning and social needs of every student.

Our school encourages a caring atmosphere, where children feel emotionally, socially and physically secure. We firmly believe that all students deserve the right to high quality education and to achieve maximum learning outcomes. Our implementation of contemporary pedagogy, guides our students through each phase of learning and development.

With our team of dedicated and passionate staff, our teaching and learning programs at Movelle Primary are planned around collaborative practices, with professional learning teams at each level of the curriculum. Recognising the importance of fostering confidence and self-esteem for all students, we deliver timely and effective intervention programs through our commitment to differentiated learning. Using a methodical approach, we cater for all students who reach learning and developmental milestones at different rates, offering program interventions for students who need additional learning support as well as those who excel in the rigors of classroom life. Fundamentally, we endeavour to nurture and balance the intellectual, physical, cultural and social development of our students and wider school community.


Our School’s vision is underpinned by the ‘Four R’ core values of: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Relationships. These values are a fundamental part of who we are as a people and as a community. We live, embrace and use these values to talk to our students about their behaviour and the choices they make in a positive framework. We believe that values have a major influence on a person's behaviour and attitude; and the lifelong implications of developing pro-social behavioural habits. These core values serve as broad guidelines in all situations in guiding us in the choices we make and the actions we take.

We respect the rights of others, and acknowledging our own rights, in a respectful way.

We make good decisions, we care for others, and we are accountable for our words and actions. We recognise that our words and actions can make a positive difference.

We have a clear self-belief, determination and understand that making mistakes is a key part of our learning. We know that the more effort we put in the better we will become.

We nurture our connections with others and believe that education is best delivered within the context of a positive relationship.

To assist our students in understanding the emotions and feelings that may arise from our values in a visual way, Movelle has integrated a school character mascot 'Ramsey'. Our mascot, Ramsey, creates consistency throughout communication and is used through a wide range of materials to support learning and teaching.