Movelle Primary School adopts a compulsary school uniform for all students. Our uniform reinforces students' pride in their appearance, develops in them a sense of belonging and community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school.

Whilst thought is put into the development of a uniform and its cost, it is important our uniform is affordable for families. Parents should contact the school if they wish to discuss concerns they have in supplying uniform for their child/ren.

The Movelle Primary School uniform is able to be purchased only from PSW, which is located at:
Unit 2, 51-53 Westwood Drive, Ravenhall, VIC
(03) 9768-0342

Movelle is a SunSmart School, and in Terms One and Four all students must wear a navy blue broad brimmed hat in order to play outside in the sunshine.

Ensure your child's uniform is labelled, so we can make sure we return it if found.

A copy of the Movelle Primary School uniform price list is available below: